Friday, May 11, 2012

5 Things To Be Grouchy About

I'm just keeping it real.

1. Josh got home at 3:45 this morning. His shift was supposed to end at 9pm yesterday. Which means he would have gotten home at 10, which already would have stunk, the night before he leaves for a WEEK. He is already gone.

2. I stayed up till 2 watching episodes of Glee on Hulu. Then I fell asleep. I am crazy tired today and it wasn't even worth it because I didn't get to see him.

3. OK, fine, something to be happy about. Ben told me this past week that he wants to spend some time picking up garbage in a local parking lot, because Curious George told him that all of the litter that is on the ground ends up in the ocean. He told me this as he was collecting litter from the parking lot of the Freihofer's outlet on our way to the car. We didn't have time to keep picking up all the trash because we were headed somewhere... so I told him we could pick a day and purposefully pick up litter somewhere. He requested rubber gloves, "in case one of the pieces of litter is actually a snotty tissue." Today is trash day. I wonder where we'll go? I should put this on his blog.

4. I should have just named this 10-second thoughts, because that's what it's turned out to be.

5. I don't have a fifth one. Please cheer me up in the comments.


Amy said...

Oh girlie your bad day wins. I wish Rach and I lived closer, we would have brought our dinner and wine to your house.

The Carlson Chronicles said...

Ooh, I have one...when Josh gets can have Date Night, and I can watch your kids!! That cheered ME up!! :)

Beth said...

Ooh, Kate, that sounds lovely! :)

Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Hi Kate! I saw a comment you left on the blog I'm SEW cheap on a post about a denim skirt...I sew them all the time and actually have written a tutorial for both a short and long tutorial. I don't know if you ever found a link for a tutorial for a denim skirt from jeans but you're welcome to check mine out...I will have to admit that my skirt is nowhere near as cute as her's though! :) (

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