Tuesday, May 08, 2012

5 Things To Be Happy About

I was digging through old blog posts in an effort to find pictures of a project I started a long time ago, and which I have recently begun working at again. I didn't find them, boo... but I did notice that I used to write posts entitled, "5 Things To Be Happy About." I think that's a more positive quickie post than "10 Second Thoughts," so I figured I'd revive it. For today.

1) I know how to knit, now. Very basic stuff, but I can make a dishcloth, a prettier dishcloth, I'm guessing I could pull off a scarf... and I just finished knitting a basic hat today to donate to a local oncology floor. I like to have my hands busy, and knitting is productive.

2) I have two bright, healthy kids. Josh and I rented 50/50 the other night, and I got thinking about how horrific it would be if one of our children had cancer (even though the main character is in his 20s... for some reason I just related it to our kids). We are so blessed.

3) Josh has a great job. His new hours have been an adjustment, and unfortunately he switched to this new position during an extremely busy time of year (due to school vacations and then upcoming summer vacations) so he's been drowning in work... but we are thankful for his job, for this change that he waited so many years for, and for change itself - life can get monotonous, and burnout is huge in law enforcement (nursing too, heh). He has lots more weekends off now, which is pretty much the bee's knees. (I have a great job, too, by the way... but I'm claiming Josh's this time.)

4) The rain this week has turned everything super bright, vibrant green. I love Spring and all the promise that it holds for a gorgeous summer. I really want a gigantic garden. The kind that weeds itself, of course.

5) I got to help out in Ben's classroom today and he didn't burst into tears when I left. I guess that's technically two. It was so fun to be in his little world for awhile and to interact with some of his peers. I feel like you can tell a lot about a kid's family by the way they behave. (I don't mean good vs. bad, I mean social vs. quiet, secure vs. insecure, rough vs. gentle, etc.) It was just really neat to absorb all that. I wonder what people think of Ben's family, judging by his behavior.... :)


Amy said...

I am so excited for you that Josh has a new job. Can't wait for you guys to enjoy summer weekends as a family!

Julie said...

I love that you started knitting! And you pretty much taught yourself how? THat is pretty amazing. you know how much I love it. :)

I also want to say that i have a kid in my class who is totally fine all the time, perfect kid, and then his mom comes in and he starts crying and clingy and whiny. I have no idea why and never would expect it. So if Ben did do that in the past, don't worry, for some reason, it's common. But it's good he stopped for your happy thought. :)